Helping Hands Services Branding

The purpose of this case study is to illustrate the process of creating a web app to help people find Grants and CPS agents to schedule times for Visitation Services..

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Helping Hands Services is a nonprofit that provides caring, compassionate, and affordable in-home care for children in need. Coincidentally they also are giving back to their local small business community with a small business grant they award to applicants monthly.

We wanted to help them to create a new brand identity and refreshed website that would speak to their mission and values of caring for those who need it most. In this case study, we’ll walk you through how we brought this project to life.

The Process

We started by meeting with Helping Hands to discuss their goals and what they felt were their strengths and challenges. The brand identity was an immediate priority, since Helping Hands services are so essential to the community. But we also wanted to get to know the organization on a more personal level by spending time in their business and spending time with their staff and board members. Our first meeting was just the beginning of a long process of brainstorming, research, design, and development. We spoke with Helping Hands’ leadership team and set out on a journey to start planning and to come up with a brand and identity that reflected their values and mission. Beware of the “Think Small” Method Small doesn’t always mean good.


Helping Hands Services Branding